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[101212] B’ Brown, ENS, Rare, etc. @ Live Power Music

14 Dec

For this Live Power Music episode, we have B’ Brown, ENS, Rare, Soul Harmony and Song Cry performances! XD Please enjoy them~ =)

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[101126] B’ Brown Cyworld Update

27 Nov

New R&B singer B’ Brown updates his Cyworld with a few selcas~ ^-^

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[101121] B’ Brown @ Live Power Music

24 Nov

With his smoky R&B vocals, 27-year-old solo singer B’Brown performs his debut track “Nobody Knows.”

[101122] B’Brown poses with SNSD members

21 Nov

B’Brown poses with two SNSD members at Y-Star Live Power Music. Glad to know that he is still performing ^^

[101114] B’Brown & Soul Cry @ Live Power Music

15 Nov

For this batch of Live Power Music performances, we have B’ Brown with his debut track “Nobody Knows” and Soul Cry with “사랑의시작은고백에서부터.” Lovely men with great voices ^-^

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