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[111023] Barbara & Code V @ Live Power Music

25 Oct

On the most recent airing of Live Power Music, Barbara performed her debut track Give Me A Break and her newest song 꿈…그보다아픈사랑 while Code V performed Summer Love.

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[111014] Code V & Dia @ MTV The Show

17 Oct

Dia and Code V perform on MTV The Show. =)

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[110101] Code V & Dia performs @ military camp

17 Jan

Code V (with their new member Minho) and Dia performs at a military camp?~ Code V performs their song “Poison” while Dia and A-mi shares the stage with “Sunshine Love.”

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Code V sings for Baker Kim Tak Goo OST

7 Sep

About a week ago, Code V revealed their track for the OST of Giant and today they present to us their beautiful upbeat ballad~

Code V never fails to impress with their vocals ^^

Code V sings for Giant OST~

31 Aug

Everyone sounds great, and you can even hear Jae Won singing too. Nalaw’s voice is <33 The only sad thing is I cannot hear Tae Min's voice, because it’s not there T_T