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New MV: Nine’s Promise

29 Apr

Nine of band Dear Cloud released her newest single “Promise” on April 27th. The song is soothing and her husky voice flows throughout.

The music video is of the movie “Ways To Live Forever/12 Year Old Sam.” It’s a movie about a boy who is dying of leukemia and has a list of things he wants to do before he dies.

Dear Cloud releases MV for “Collapse”

3 Nov

*faints* Dear Cloud, always makes me so in love with them. Nine’s voice is too captivating. It’s like a spell she casts upon me every time. And of course, Yong Rin, Elang, Jung Ah and Kwang Suk~~ They’re so perfect.

Dear Cloud “Don’t Go Away” acoustic live version

19 Oct

The awesome band uploaded their acoustic live version of “사라지지말아요” on Youtube and I’m totally in love with it~ Nine’s vocal kills and everyone really performed greatly~ ^0^

Dear Cloud fan video project~

22 Aug

Widhi did an amazing job editing the video, right? XDDD Awesome compilation~ Dear Cloud’s so cool~ ^_^ Hope that they will share more music with us in the future~

[100820] Dear Cloud @ V-Hall

21 Aug

Nine sounds fantastic!~ Everyone did a wonderful job. <333 They performed Ice Fortress and 너에겐 위로가 되지 않을 along with two tracks off their new EP.

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