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Maeng Yuna returns with ‘Vanilla BonBon’

10 Sep

Maeng Yuna debuted as Memory in 2008 with her song Paradise, but also sang for the OST of Spring Waltz in 2006. She comes back and shows us her cute side with her new song Vanilla BonBon. The song expresses the first love, filled with vanilla bonbon sugar. Though I prefer her songs like Luv and Paradise, it’s nice to hear from her again ^_^

Listen to the new song and view her new pics below ^^

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Dia and Maeng Yuna on Music Bank (February 26, 2010)

26 Feb

great performances by the two ^^

[100219] Dia & Maeng Yuna on Music Bank

19 Feb

I wasn’t aware Dia was performing today …. but anyway, this has to be my favorite performance so far because….she looks so confident and happy ^^

[100214] Maeng Yuna on Inkigayo

18 Feb

again, i didn’t know she performed. XD but at least today she’s performing ^_^

[100130] Maeng Yuna on Music Core

18 Feb

I know it’s like, super late but I never knew she actually performed the song. I stopped updating on performances because I couldn’t stay up for them anymore and couldn’t update them the next day. I can try I guess but I’m not sure. *shrugs*