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[110401] More pictures of Rare’s new image

2 Apr

Rare writes “First picture of 2011. Soon a nice image will appear.”

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[110401] Rare’s new image

31 Mar

Rare, who released his first mini album back in September, updated his Cyworld with a new picture titled “New image.” The description for the picture was “…and shooting. Three in one.” It looks like it might be for a new release, so I’m crossing my fingers. His first mini album was really catchy~

I’m really liking his hair too XP I think it suits him more~

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[101212] B’ Brown, ENS, Rare, etc. @ Live Power Music

14 Dec

For this Live Power Music episode, we have B’ Brown, ENS, Rare, Soul Harmony and Song Cry performances! XD Please enjoy them~ =)

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[101127] Rare reveals his living quarters

27 Nov

Rare reveals his living quarters. He lives on the 20th floor with two levels? I’m not sure if he lives with anyone since I couldn’t translate his post. He has a pretty nice place XD

^ I spot Ajoo’s CD!! =)

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[101024] Deevine & Rare @ Live Power Music

26 Oct

Rare and Deevine were on the most recent airing of Live Power Music. Enjoy their performances below ^_^

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