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Vanilla Lucy’s Bae Da Hae releases solo single~

8 Feb

Compared to Vanilla Lucy’s musical style, this is a more soothing ballad type of song but still a pretty good song at that. ^^

[100725] Boni, Monni & Vanilla Lucy @ The M Wave

26 Jul

Vanilla Lucy with French Love, Monni with Leaving Me and Boni now promoting Go Around

view the videos and pictures under the cut~

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[100718] Vanilla Lucy & As One @ The M Wave

19 Jul

They aren’t great quality but it’s worth the time to watch since you don’t see them performing as often.

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Vanilla Lucy Bae Da Hae sings “Think of Me”

18 Jul

Recently, Bae Da Hae, vocalist of Vanilla Lucy was KBS’s 남자의 자격 and wowed the people there with her beautiful and attractive voice. ^_^ She can sing so well…

[100630] Da Hae Cyworld Update~

30 Jun