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Dia’s Birthday Project~

1 May

Hello everyone! I cannot believe that I almost forgot to post this up! I guess I’ve been busy doing some job training and since I work the night shift, it messed up my posting/updating cycle.

This year I want to be able to send Dia fan gifts! Her birthday is June 12th so we have a little bit of time to plan. My idea was either 1.) send all gifts to me and I’ll ship them all together to her or 2.) send them out separately or 3.) pitch in money to buy her a personalized/customized gift. No matter what decision we will decide in the end, I hope everyone will voice out their opinions and ideas.

Please read more below =)

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Winners of the joint CD giveaway~

17 Mar

Out of 121 [total] entries, we have randomly selected the winners from the joint CD contest. We have already contacted all the winners (or will contact) so if you haven’t yet responded to our emails, please do so as soon as possible (but you probably have already because we’ve been so busy that we posted this a bit late.) If you have received our emails already, no worries. We will ship the CDs to you soon~ Some of us are waiting for the CDs to arrive and then we can ship them for you.

Thanks for everyone’s participation and we hope to hold another one soon, so it’s okay if you didn’t get to win one this time. There will hopefully be a next time sometime soon.

Thank you once again and remember, please continue to promote and support underrateds =) Winners are listed below~

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Navi’s 2011 Video Birthday Project [closes March 15th]

19 Feb

March 22nd is the “Queen of Covers” Navi’s birthday! (I also forgot to mention March 28th is her 3rd anniversary!)
XDD Send in anything, from clips to pictures or just plain ol’ messages, you can join in on the fun….^0^

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2011 Collaboration CD Giveaway [Update: Please Read]

1 Feb

It’s that time of year again! CD Giveaway =)

Unlike Luminosity’s 1st CD Giveaway, this contest is a collaboration giveaway with our fellow partners Earcandy Express & Bump This. We each will be giving away two underrated albums. Also, compared to Luminosity’s 1st giveaway, this is much easier and will take up less time so don’t worry about having to submit an entry every week and such.

Do check out the rules and CDs below and remember to join in if you’re interested~

The rules has been edited~ Please read.

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[ENDED]Merry Christmas/Happy New Year CD Giveaway

27 Nov

Hello Earcandy Express readers! As we are getting closer to Christmas and the end of the year, I think I should thank all the people who even come onto the site and read our reviews. So first I want to say thanks for reading. For all my Dia fan’s I have added her CD and some other indie artist .We are shipping internationally now!!! If you have any CD requests just email me ( and I’ll see what I can do. Continue reading