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14 Oct

The reasons I like Navi:

When Navi first debuted in 2008, I still had a slow internet connection so I was hardly able to watch her videos. I was interested in her from the start though. Her unique hairstyle and her voice was just surprising and different. But it hit me that she was underrated when she wasn’t performing anymore. A lot of interest was lost from people. But she quickly regained her “popularity.” I would like to say when she came back this April but I know it’s not true. It wasn’t until 2PM members started to perform with her for Heart Damage, in which I refused to watch the performances. Then came her popular covers of idol groups’ songs like Tell Me, Nobody, and Again and Again. Furthermore, her English covers are purely awesomeness to my ears. Lately, some people have learned that she turned down a huge offer to sign a contract for a sexy pictorial shoot. She stated that she wanted to become famous for her music and not for her looks. Look-wise, I think she’s very pretty ^^. Not as pretty as some other females but still pretty. Vocal-wise, superb!! There are more reasons but I’ll stop here. πŸ™‚



Real name: μ•ˆμ§€ν˜Έ (An Ji Ho)
Born: March 22, 1986
Physique: 168cm, 49kg
Blood Type: B
Company: ITM Entertainment
Hobbies: writing lyrics, music composition, traveling, performing
Motto: The thought is becoming a reality
Favorite Musical Genre: Soul, Funk
Favorite Sports: snowboarding, swimming
Favorite Colors: red & black
Favorite Musicians: Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Prince, Ray Charles
Education: 2005 Dongduk Women’s University Musicology practical absence
Career: 2008. 04, Goodwill ambassador for the Butterfly Festival
Awards: Rookie of the Month, June 20


* Trained for 3 years before debut
* Released her 2nd single almost exactly one year after her debut


navi - i love you

I Love You (Single)
Released: 2008.04.04

01 I Love You
02 κΈΈμ—μ„œ/Gireseo/On The Road
03 I Love You (Rap Ver.) (Feat. Tablo of Epik High)
04 I Love You (Inst.)
05 κΈΈμ—μ„œ/Gireseo/On The Road (Inst.)

navi - heart damage

Heart Damage (Single)

1. 마음이 λ‹€μ³μ„œ/Maeumi Dachyeoseo/Heart Damage (Feat. Crown J)
2. κΈΈμ—μ„œ/Gireseo/On The Road
3. 마음이 λ‹€μ³μ„œ (Inst.)

navi - wasteful tears

Wasteful Tears (Single)

01. λˆˆλ¬Όλ„ μ•„κΉŒμ›Œ/Nunmuldo Akkawo/Wasteful Tears (ft. Hyun Ah of 4minute)
02. λˆˆλ¬Όλ„ μ•„κΉŒμ›Œ/Nunmuldo Akkawo/Wasteful Tears (Inst.)

Music Videos:

I Love U
Heart Damage
Wasteful Tears

credits to Mardi09 + insertyournamehere + elavndrc + ZD + Bww2 + saltnpepper + Yahoo Korea + Naver + Daum + moonk379(translating the motto)


2 Responses to “[Profile] Navi”

  1. clowicious December 20, 2009 at 2:03 AM #

    Oh she is the one that sings I Love You with Table HAHA I am a huge fan of Epik High and I just heard the song but I never actually knew who was singing. But man I love the song …

    I so love her for turning down a sexy pictoral shoot because she wants to be famous for her voice, she so inspired me there to only concentrate on singing and songs …

    Wow her voice is <333 Thanks for this information, I am now a new fan!!


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