[Profile] Ju Bora

21 Oct

Ju Bora is well known for collaborating with 1sagain. The music they make together is pure awesomeness but her voice alone is very beautiful. When you look at her, it’s surprising and overwhelming to see such an artist have such a powerful voice.


larger photo


Name: 주보라 (Ju Bora)
Born: February 11, 1987
Education: University of Toronto (Life Science)
Debut: 2009 [Want You]


Ju Bora – 1st Single

01. Want You

Ju Bora – 2nd Single

1. 라라라 (La La La) (ft. 1sagain)
2. 라라라 (Inst.)


D – Story – Hello (Vocals by Ju Bora)

Please refer to 1sagain’s profile for the rest of her featurings.

Music Videos:

After Love (ft. Ju Bora)
Fall In Love (ft. Ju Bora) << both singers act in this MV>>
Ju Bora – Want You (ft. 1sagain)
Ju Bora – La La La (ft. 1sagain)
My Love
D-Story – Hello (Vocals by Ju Bora)
My Love (1sagain Edition/New Version)


    *click for larger view*


2 Responses to “[Profile] Ju Bora”

  1. AAAA October 23, 2009 at 5:36 AM #

    i love her voice, 1sagain and ju bora makes the best collaborations

  2. pumpkinsandwich December 13, 2010 at 6:32 AM #

    I am falling in love with her voice, and it stuns me how a girl with a young face like this has such a deep and mature voice, full of emotion xD. BTW, Bora is so cute in “In Bed” MV.

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