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17 Apr

All That consists of producer EachONE & Kuan. ^_^ They have some really nice music

올댓 (All That)
In Planet


Each ONE
Real name: 변상원 (Byun Sang Won)
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/eachone2
Twitter: http://twitter.com/eachone_music

Songs produced?
EachONE – 1st EP [TrackMaker Pt.I] 2007.05
Swagger – “What`s Your Name”, “Crunk Star”, ” I Know “, “Hello New World” from [Hello New World] 2008.06
Woopy – “Fuck wit me”, “This is not a love song” from [WOO PAINKILLER VOL.1] 2008.09
Unspoken – “What`s Your Name”, “So Sick” from [Remix INSTRUMENTAL CD Vol.1] 2008.11
ChinTrigger – “V.I.P”, “Outro”from [New Real Hiphop] 2009.01
Dynamite – “Without U”, “My Girl”, “82People” from [Ultimate Dynamite] 2009.01
All That – 1st Album [Touch Me] 2009.02
Answer – “이 밤이 가기 전에”, “Destiny” from [Rising] 2009.04
BMW Competition – “Neo Citizen” 인기상 수상 2009.04
길미 – “HeyboyPlayboy” from [The 1st Purple Dream Sound] 2009.06
Unspoken – “Like a Coke”, “I Need Ur Luv”, “Let me Touch U” from [Rainbow7] 2009.07
LG Telecom – “Google Map in Mobile” 광고 BGM 2009.07
G Market – “e쿠폰 이벤트” 극장용 광고 BGM 2009.07
Dead’P – “Nu Day” from [Lost & Found] 2009.08
All That – 1st Mini Album [이별] 2009.09
SK Telecom & Inplanet – Live Session 오프닝 BGM 2009.10
Lecoq sportif – Get Download with J’Kyun 광고 BGM 2009.10
YESFEZ – 황해경제자유구역 CNN TV광고 BGM 2009.10
Comma – “다시 웃으며” from [Beats Rhymes and Life] 2009.10
EBS Space 공감 공연 – 언스포큰 with Living Note 2009.12
Untouchable – 나를 떠나지마 (Feat. 이현 of 8eight) from [Untouchable Mini Album 2nd] 2010.02
2009 리드머 어워드 [올해의 알앤비 앨범], [올해의 알앤비 싱글], [올해의 알앤비 아티스트], [올해의 프로듀서] 부문 후보 2010.02
All That – 2nd Mini Album [Love Jam] 2010.03
제 7회 2010 한국대중음악상 [최우수 알앤비&소울 음반], [최우수 알앤비&소울 노래] 부문 후보 2010.03

콴 (Kuan)
Full name: 곽권 (Kwak Kwon)
Position: Vocal
Born: April 24th, 1986
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/PurpleKuan
Twitter: http://twitter.com/St_Kuan

Songs featured in:
2006.10 Deffinite 1집 D-code [Feel the music]
2007.10 Outsider 1집 Soliloquist [난 행복해]
2008.06 스웨거 1집 Hello New World [I Know (Feat. K-Proud, EachONE)]
2008.12 소울커넥션 해피 크리스마스 [해피 크리스마스 (Feat. Csp, Still PM, Maslo, Jepp Blackman, Kuan)]
2009.02 다이나마이트 1집 Ultimate Dynamite [My Girl (Feat. Kuan aka K-Proud)].[Without U (Feat. Kuan aka K-Proud)]
2009.02 Flamini Big Shining LP [천국으로 편지 (Feat. K-Proud, 오아미)]
2009.02 All That 1집 Touch Me
2009.03 스나이퍼 사운드 One Nation [미치도록 (Feat. K-Proud)]
2009.03 감자 Eptizer (EP) [Good Bye (Feat. Kuan of All That)]
2009.04 소울커넥션 RapsodY [Hey Ma – Csp, Still PM, Maslo, JEPP (Feat. Kuan)]
2009.06 아웃사이더 2집 Maestro [Bleeding Luv (Feat. Kuan a.k.a K-proud)]
2009.07 이치원 Rainbow 7 [I Need Ur Love (Feat. Kuan, DirtyBlood)]
2009.07 Csp 2집 Come On Boy [너의 생일 (Feat. Still PM,Kuan)]
2009.09 All That 이별 (EP)
2009.11 Still PM Love & Verse 1/4 [I Know (Feat. Kuan)]


Touch Me (Album)

01 . You Know What?! (Intro)
02 . Touch Me (Ft. J’Kyun)
03 . 아직
04 . 잊지 못해서 (Ft. Boi.B)
05 . Skit1 (Hot Bling Radio With Bling The Ca$h)
06 . 미안해 (Ft. Woopy)
07 . Delusion (Ft. Addsp2ch)
08 . I Know Pt.II
09 . Follow the Light (Ft. Nastyz)
10 . Skit2 (TakeONE Auction)
11 . 아직 (Instrumental)
12 . Delusion (Instrumental)
13 . Illusion (Ft. Chaboom)
14 . Hidden Track

이별 (Single)

01. 지워 (Feat.J’Kyun)
02. 여기까지야
03. 아직 Remix
04. Skit 비 오는 날의 Radio
05. 지워 (Instrumental)
06. 여기까지야 (Instrumental)

Love Jam (EP)

01. Take It Off (Feat.봄비,CEEJAY Of Frash Boyz)
02. Luv U Girl (Dirty Version)
03. Closer
04. Luv U Girl (Clean Version)
05. Take It Off (Inst.)
06. Closer (Inst.)


Hey Ma (ft. Kuan)


3 Responses to “[Profile] All That”

  1. mardi09 November 10, 2010 at 1:32 AM #

    Hm….I thought I could find more but I could only find one of the singles

    All That Vol. 1 – Touch Me

  2. LIn November 15, 2010 at 8:08 PM #

    EachONE’s “real” name in romaji is actually Byun Sang Won. That seems to be an error up there. Just wanna let you know. Thanks. 🙂

    • mardi09 November 15, 2010 at 8:20 PM #

      Oh…that…I just didn’t have the time to edit it….but I edited it now. Thanks.

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