[Profile] Mazik Flow

1 Aug

I first heard of Mazik Flow when he was featured in Ilac’s “Uncontrollabe Tears” single released in early June. I really like how Mazik Flow’s rapping and singing is easy-going and nice to hear. He was also in the group Q.Q.Q with Jung Chul in 2002, so that’s interesting to know =) Hope you guys like his music…

매직플로우 (Mazik Flow)
Dream Catcher Music

Real name: 이시우 (Lee Shi Woo)/이상훈 (Lee Sang Hoon)
Born: May 11, 1985 (Seoul)
Physique: 173cm, 60kg
Blood Type: B
Skills: Snowboarding, swimming
Debut: 2002 group QQQ “This Is, First Album”
Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com/MazikFlow


Q.Q.Q – This Is Q.O.Q. First Album
Release Date:
March 27, 2002

01. 바보 …/Babo…/Fool…
02. 바보와 바다/Babowabada/Sea of Fools
03. 떠나가라/Ddeonagara/Departing
04. Good Day
05. Not Me
06. 알리바바/Allibaba/Alibaba
07. 트리플의 법칙/Teuripeului Beobchig/Triple Law
08. 나쁜여자/Nappeun Yeoja/Bad Woman
09. 얼렐렐레 애들 왜이래?/Eollellelle Aedeul Waeirae?/
10. Jump
11. 배신/Baeshin/Betrayal
12. Kill My Girl Friend
13. No No
14. 주의/Jooui/Attention
15. 누나가 좋아/Noonaga Joha/Noona Is Fine
16. Oh! 자유/Oh! Jayoo/Oh! Freedom
17. 와라/Wara/Come
18. 떠나가라/Ddeonagara/Departing (Crying Ver.)

쿨라피카 (Coolapica) 1st Album – 부르르라따

01. My Name is Coolapica (Feat. RICH)
02. Ya-Imma
03. 하이야 (feat. EZ-LIFE)
04. 수호천사 (feat. SWAN, EZ-LIFE)
05. Secret Girl (Feat. RICH)
06. 운명 (Destiny)
07. Memories
08. 파도타기 (Surfing) (feat. EZ-LIFE, SWAN)
09. 내 노래에 담아
10. 하이야 (MR)
11. 운명 (MR)
12. 내 노래에 담아 (MR)

Coolapica 1.5 Album – 쿨라피카 with 이지혜

01. 하이야 (feat. 이지혜)
02. 하이야 (club megamix)
03. 수호천사 (FEAT. SWAN,EZ-LIFE)
05. 운명 (DESTINY)

너 없인 못살아 (Single)

01. 너 없인 못살아 (Feat.장혜진)
02. 너 없인 못살아 (Inst.)

Magic Love (Single)

01. Magic Love (Feat. Hwang G)
02. Magic Love (Inst.)

Ilac – 눈물이 왈칵 (Single)

01. 눈물이 왈칵 (Feat. Mazik Flow)
02. 눈물이 왈칵 (Inst.)

두근두근 (Single)

01. 두근두근 (Feat.레아)
02. 두근두근 (Inst.)


너 없인 못살아
Ilac – Uncontrollable Tears ft. Mazik Flow



2 Responses to “[Profile] Mazik Flow”

  1. yoobin May 5, 2011 at 8:25 AM #

    i really like your sound

  2. Steven November 4, 2015 at 5:38 AM #

    I want to know more about Mazik Flow like his new single/album or his social media account. Can anybody pls tell me?

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