[Profile] Lady’s World

24 Aug

Lady’s World is a female trio whose members are models and actresses. One member has acted in the hit drama from last year, “Boys Before Flowers.”

여인천하 (Lady’s World)
Naver fan cafe: http://cafe.naver.com/ladysworld.cafe


정다솔 (Jung Da Sol)
Real name: 한도영 (Han Do Young)
March 5, 1988
Physique: 169cm, 47kg,
Blood Type: O
Education: Seoul Arts College
Hobbies: Piano, reading, watching movies, shooting
Special skills: singing, dancing, sports, horseback riding
2007 HAZZYS Ad
2008 태양의 여자 Drama
2008 참자당 화장품 Ad
2008 Group 히어로 (Hero) MV ‘하루만 with 온주완’
2009 파티캣츠 (Party Cat) MV
2009 가파치 (GaPaChi) Ad
2009 Boys Over Flower Drama

최은 (Choi Eun)
January 4, 1989
Physique: 167cm, 47kg
Blood Type: B
Education: Su Won Women’s College, Dept. of Education

신티아 (Cynthia)
September 8, 1988
Physique: 169cm, 47kg
Blood Type: AB
Education: Dong-Ah College of Arts, Broadcasting Entertainment
Hobbies: Belly dancing, yoga
Special skills: Chinese, fencing
2004 Samsung Digital Plaza, 빙그레 Banana milk
2004 CCTV Reporter (China)
2007 Hally Fashion Festival, main model
2007 Incheon World Costume Festival, main model
2009 SBS “순결한 당신 (Innocence)” Drama
2002 미스빙그레 준미스빙그레


Booming Time [100714]
Booming Time [100808]



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