[Profile] Evas

31 Oct

Evas is a new trio who debuted on Inkigayo today! I really liked their song and think it was a good live performance for their first stage. It wasn’t perfect, of course, but I’m very excited to hear more from them ^^

에바스 (EVAS)
Official site: http://evaslove.com
Cyworld Club: http://club.cyworld.com/e-vas


아세라 (Asera)
Real name:
김정희 (Kim Jung Hee)
Born: May 5, 1987
Physique: 163cm, 43kg
Blood Type: B
Hobby: Watching movies
Religion: Atheist
Favorite food: about everything
Favorite musician: Yoon Mi Rae (T/Tasha), Beyonce, Whitney Houston
Favorite actor: Johnny Depp

아비 (Abi)
Real name:
홍주아 (Hong Joo Ah)
Born: May 13, 1988
Physique: 162 cm, 42 kg
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: sports, theater (plays, musical)
Special skills: piano, fashion design
Religion: Atheist
Favorote food: crab, chicken
Favorite musicians: Damien Rice, Jason Mraz, Chrisette Michele
Favorite actress: Brittany Murphy
Education: Seoul Women’s University
-악몽의 엘리베이터 (Nightmare Elevator)- Female lead 빙미선역
-거짓말하는 그녀 (She’s Lying)- Female lead 진희역
-Mi Amor 미아모르- Typist
-8인의 여인들 (8-Member Women- 오귀스틴역
-굿닥터- 바람난원혜씨 / 사창가여인1 역
-Design MIM Brand Fitting Model
Awards: 2008 National Fashion Awards
Sheraton Grande Walker Hill Hotel Contest, Achievement Award

페시 (Pesi)
Full name:
원은지 (Won Eun Ji)
Born: May 15, 1989
Physique: 164 cm, 43kg
Blood Type: AB
Hobby: reading
Special skill: bowling
Religion: Atheist
Favorite food: pork, raw beef, kim bap
Favorite musician: Ne-Yo, Rihanna, Naul
Favorite actor: Ryu Seung Bum
Education: JoongAng University
Gil Me – 사랑은 전쟁이다 (Feat.Outsider)
Oh Jong Hyuk – 가슴이뛰잖아 MV


혼자살래 (Single)

01. 혼자살래 Ver.1 (Feat. 송호범)
02. 혼자살래 Ver.2 (Feat. 사실)
03. 혼자살래 (Piano Version)
04. 혼자살래 (Inst.)


Debut Perf




credits to Naver + Evas Cyworld Club; compiled by Mardi09; Take out with proper credits. Thank you


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