VNT debut single tracklist + cover + more pics

2 Nov

Less than two days away, VNT’s tracklist and single cover have been revealed~ Also, some new pictures have been made public but they aren’t the official ones (not the full size). I’ll post the full size pictures up when they become available~~ For now, we can just stare at the mini-versions T_T


01. 소리 (예예예) (Sound (Ye Ye Ye))
02. My Boo
03. 소리 (예예예) (Inst.)
04. My Boo (Inst.)

The pictures were actually gifs on Cyworld BUT since gifs cannot be saved, I had to screen capture them~ They’re not large photos~ Hope these will do?

credits; Kim Chang Hwan’s Cyworld + Mardi09


One Response to “VNT debut single tracklist + cover + more pics”

  1. Jae November 2, 2010 at 3:38 PM #

    i’m so excited for them! i know they will do great!

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