Standing Egg to release first album

22 Nov

Standing Egg released their first single last April. They are set to release their first album on the 25th. Via Standing Egg’s YT channel, the audio track for one of two of their title tracks from their first album “With” was uploaded (and I’m totally in love!!). The track is “넌 이별 난 아직” featuring the vocals of 3rd Coast’s Han So Hyun.

The tracklist for the first full album is below.

01. 사랑한다는 말
02. lalala
03. man theme
04. hide & seek duet with 고현욱
05. 사랑에 빠져본 적 있나요
06. Kiss
07. woman theme
08. 내일은 잊을거야 with
09. 가슴 아픈 말 with 고현욱 – 타이틀곡
10. 넌 이별 난 아직 with 한소현 (3rd Coast) – 타이틀곡
11. winter theme
12. First Christmas
13. 가슴 아픈 말 with Clover (gray ver.)

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