New MV: DOT’s 너에게로 간다

29 Nov

It’s about less than a week old but I wanted to share this music video and give a little insight about this female band. DOT (Drive on Top) is a four-membered female band who released their first single in 2007. I was first introduced to them a couple years ago from Hidden SkyLight ^_^ but back then I didn’t know how to research as “well” as I do now and I wasn’t aware of in K-indie/rock back then~

Members are 김효수 (Kim Hyo Soo, vocal), 김진아 (Kim Jin Ah, piano), 양혜영 (Yang Hye Young, bass), and 이정윤 (Lee Jung Yoon, drum).

I’ll try to find more info on them later~ For now, you can check out their MV.


One Response to “New MV: DOT’s 너에게로 간다”

  1. jklee369 December 22, 2010 at 4:36 PM #

    This is why i love checking ur site out Mardi, finding artists that I never came across 🙂

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