16 Jan

Winterplay is a really good jazz band! I remeber hearing them on Music Travel Lalala and I was like Korean Jazz?!?! But they make jazz mainstream which is so awesome.

Management : Fluxus Entertainment
Website: http://www.winterplay.net/


Lee Joo-han. The trumpeter
Born: 1965.12.2

Moon Hye-won. Vocalist
Born: 1984.11.15

Choi Woo-joon. The guitarist
Born: 1977.01.05

So Eun-kyu. The contrabassist
Born: 1973.11.01


Choco Snowball
released: 2008.01.23

Happy Bubble

Happy Snow Bubble
released: 2008.11.04

Hot Summerplay

Touche Mon Amour
released: 2010.09.14.


Touche Mon Amour

Gypsy Girl

Cha Cha

Crazy Love

Men Are No Good

[Live]Hey Bob

[Live] Moon Over Bourbon Street

[Live] Route 66

[Live] 세월이 가면

Billie Jean



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