[110128] Navi talks about her diet & plastic surgery allegations

27 Jan

Navi returned to the music scene looking slimmer (which showcased her jawline more) making netizens ask if she had plastic surgery, while others said “she didn’t do it,” and “it was her diet.” Navi writes on her Twitter that her schedule starts early in the morning at around 7 o’clock. Since people keep asking if she underwent surgery, Navi reveals the secret behind her diet and what she did to keep in shape. She mentions that she eats celery (and a not-so-leafy salad XD), visits her park near her home and dances. She exercises often and goes hiking.

She did turn down a $90,000 sexy pictorial deal, I’m sure she would turn down plastic surgery as well. Though if she did decide to do it in the future, that is her wish. I’d still respect her as a musician.

Navi has a full schedule as she will be appearing on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, Music Bank, Music Core, Inkigayo and still going on the radio shows. Wish her well~

cr; Navi’s twitter, Music4ursoul + Nate


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