Navi talks about first album + concert

1 Feb

I don’t usually re-post stuff from other sites but this is an exception because this article was too long and I needed a translation from someone who could actually translate.. =)

The one thing I would really really want is to meet Navi but I guess that will have to wait T_T And this is her first concert!! I really really wish I could attend.

Although she debuted three years ago, talented singer Navi was finally given the opportunity to unleash her first full album, titled “Hello“.

After careful consideration, Navi decided upon “Well Done” as her title track – and the choice was well-received. The song has been receiving much praise from her fans, simply because the melody complements perfectly with her strong vocals.

“It took a while for me to receive my title track. It was only at the last minute when I finally received “Well Done,” she explained. “I love the feel of the song. It was only right until the end when we decided to change the title track from my self-composed track, “Wonderful“, to this one. It was a bit burdensome knowing that it was my first full album, but since it was from an oppa who I matched well with even before my debut, I put my faith in him.”

Soon after its release, “Well Done” quickly began to rise up on various music charts, and it’s even becoming a song that is heard frequently on the streets. “I haven’t heard it on the streets yet. Lots of people leave comments on my Twitter and minihompy though. My friends have been telling me that they’ve been hearing my song lots while they’re out,” said Navi.

Releasing a full album was one of Navi’s long-time dream goals. With the current industry releasing more and more digital singles and mini-albums, successfully producing and releasing full albums has become a harder task to achieve for artists. Navi expressed, “In a difficult time like this, I’m thankful that I’m able to own an album with my name on it. It’s like a present to me.”

Ever since Navi’s comeback, many have speculated on whether Navi received plastic surgery due to her major visual transformation. However, Navi denied all claims, but is happy with the rumors, as she stated, “Who’d think this would ever happen to me? After hearing surgery rumors, I looked at my debut pictures and music video. I definitely felt why people were saying, ‘She’s gotten prettier’ and ‘She must be living comfortably now’. I haven’t fixed anything, but after losing a lot of weight and changing how I do my makeup, it trimmed down my face nicely. I’m happy that I’m hearing these things when I didn’t even invest money.”

Navi’s songs have been increasingly popular as songs to sing for auditions. Not only have people been using them for “Superstar K” and “Star Audition – The Great Rebrith“, but also for agency auditions and entrances into applied music majors. Navi mentioned, “I have thoughts of needing to do better when I watch others singing my songs. I’m thankful for people listening and singing my songs. It’s simply amazing.”

“There are a lot of high notes in my songs, so many to the point where people say people would throw their mics when they sing it in karaoke rooms. My throat was really dry during my first performance. I received a lot of stress because I wasn’t able to fully express what I really wanted. Because of that, my moods have made a downward turn, so recently I’ve been drinking pear juice, bellflower juice, and warm water to keep my throat in good condition. I need to limit my speaking, but I’ve been going on radio show broadcasts, and you can’t not talk on the radio (laughs).”

From February 11th to the 13th, Navi will be holding her first independent concert at Hongdae for “Hello”. As this is a concert she has been dreaming of ever since her childhood days, Navi has been busily working around the clock to practice and perfect her concert performances. The singer has prepared a whole variety of acts, including covers of pop songs and idol group hits, as well as a few dance performances. “Broadcast performances are good too, but through this upcoming concert, I want to become a singer who is known for her live performances. A singer only feels true happiness during live stages. Like how In Sooni and Kim Jang Hoon seniors are back to singing on stage again, I want to keep doing performances too.”

Navi continued, “After watching the Grammys, I want to try a lot more things with my performances, like stage influence and equipment. I wanted to be wired onto the stage like Lady GaGa and Pink, but I don’t think I’ll be able to that this time.”

Lastly, Navi expressed, “There are still not a lot of people who definitely know of my music and my face. With this new album, I really want to put a stamp on my music and my image. I’m planning to keep showing my usual, honest side of myself. To be honest, it’s not easy to be promoting as a solo female artist amongst so many idol groups – it’s hard keeping alive. There are a lot of things I heard from my idol star friends, but this year, I want to receive more love as a solo singer. I really hope the music market becomes more diverse.”

Credits: Allkpop


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  1. kythestar February 25, 2011 at 4:58 PM #

    awww, i hope the music industry will be diverse too! but wow, i’m so proud of her! and that’s good to know “well done” has been getting a lot of attention, and i would love to walk the streets and hear her song play. anyways, keep up the good work Navi! and keep alive, i’m sure you’ll definitely survive. C: thanks for sharing.

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