New male group: G.IAM

8 Mar

지아이엠 (G.IAM) is a rookie five membered group under Gepetto Theater. Their debut single “Only You” was released on March 2nd. Netizens who are interested in this new group can look below this post and check out each member with the information I found.

So far, they have not yet released a music video or have performed anywhere.

지아이엠 (G.IAM)
제페토시어터 (Gepetto Theater)
Daum fan cafe:


결실 (Kyul Shil)
Full name:
유결실 (Yoo Kyul Shil)
Born: November 10, 1987
Physique: 179cm, 64kg
Blood Type: O
Debut: 2009 Le Quattro single album “Hello! Merry Christmas”

베가 (Vega)
Real name:
배정균 (Bae Jung Kyun)
Born: February 15, 1991 (Seoul)
Physique: 183cm, 72kg
Blood Type: AB
Family: Father Bae Kyung Shik, Mother Lee Yong Kyung, younger sibling Bae Jung Min
Education: Dae Won High School

아톰 (A-Tom)
Real name:
최영규 (Choi Yeong Kyu)
Born: September 4, 1984 (Incheon)
Physique: 183cm, 70kg
Family: Father Choi Yoon Mook, Mother Myung Hee Soon, Older brother Choi Jin Kyu
Education: Deok Shin High School

유원 (U1)
Full name: 임유원 (Im Yoo Won)
Born: April 16, 1989
Physique: 177cm, 62kg
Family: Father Im Hong Rak, Mother Song Eun Young, younger sibling Im Soo Young
Education: Korea Nation Sport University, Dancing life (leave of absence)

은율 (Eun Yul)
Real name: 주대현 (Joo Dae Hyun)
Born: February 22, 1991 (Seoul)
Physique: 181cm, 67kg
Family: Father Joo In Chul
Education: Dae Won High School

Group pictures:


source: Naver & G.IAM’s Daum fan cafe
compilation & translations by Mardi09 (Please take out with full credits.)
thank you!


4 Responses to “New male group: G.IAM”

  1. iamwonderfr March 9, 2011 at 1:08 AM #

    The song “Only You” is good and quite catchy!
    Not bad for a debut~ I can’t wait to here more from them.
    But U1 needs to change his haricut lol

  2. ahngiryubi March 11, 2011 at 4:40 PM #

    They are my new favorite group!!!
    I love their song “Only You”

  3. shylviana April 21, 2011 at 4:47 AM #

    Ok.! I will help them.~ I will Announce to all KPOP lovers.~

  4. momo August 26, 2011 at 6:13 PM #

    Are all members of Le quattro in this group or is only one meber in this group?

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