Monni releases 3rd album for free (online) until end of March

25 Mar

It’s most definitely a first for me to see a full album off Mnet for free to download. If you guys know how to download from there, go get your free copy. I’m not sure if anywhere else online is for free but this is a little kind gesture of fanservice/appreciation from them. Thanks to Un0m3 from JapKorChi I saw this on Twitter. The album is free until the end of the month. Support them by downloading (it will help on music charts?) and by buying their album off of Yesasia when it becomes available.

Their third album is titled “단 한번의 여행 (Just One Trip)” and has a total of 8 tracks. I’m still new to them but their music is pretty good. If I remember, I first listened to them last year for only a little while. The third track of the album, “단 한번의 여행 (Just One Trip)” features the vocalist of Dear Cloud, Nine.

I’ve uploaded their whole album to share as it’s a really good album.


One Response to “Monni releases 3rd album for free (online) until end of March”

  1. Aly March 31, 2011 at 4:12 PM #

    Do you have to be a member to download it?

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