[Profile] A-mi

5 Apr

I first found out about beatboxer & rapper with a cute face A-mi from Dia. He did a guest rap for her during one of her Knock performances and I’ve been somewhat following him since. He’s a talented young man and I hope to see more things from him in the near future.

아미 (A-mi)
아이프로엔터테인먼트 (I-Pro Entertainment)

Real name: 정민혁 (Jung Min Hyuk)
Born: August 31, 1988
Physique: 172cm, 60kg
Blood Type: O
Education: Seoul National University, College of Arts: Applied Music
Career: 2009 Musical Marionette
Cyworld: http://cyworld.com/mhdragon
Twitter: @ipro1285


Sunshine Love (Single)

01. Sunshine Love ft. Dia
02. Sunshine Love (Inst.)

Dia Vol. 1 – My Story (1Carat)

03. 사랑이 오려나 봐요 (Feat.아미)

My Angel (Single)

01. Beat Box A-mi
02. My Angel (Feat.디아)
03. 랄랄라 (Feat.JK-Crew (Emenes, Kingkong, Dr.9, mwp, G&4, VM1, KHW, Black-Jo, Ms-Jung))
04. Sunshine Love (Feat.디아)
05. My Angel(Inst.)

Sunshine (Single)

01. Sunshine Love (Feat.장진영)
02. Crazy Boy (Feat.Flail Die)
03. Sunshine Love (Inst)

V.A – Propose

04. A-mi ft. 장진영 (Jang Jin Young) – 내 마음을 받아준다면


Sunshine Love ft. Dia MV
Rap Talking: Episode 1
[101031] Sunshine Love
[MV] 아미 (A-mi) ft. 장진영 (Jang Jin Young) – Sunshine Love



credits to: Naver + Nate + A-mi’s Cyworld; Compiled by Mardi09; Please take out with full credits; Thank you!

One Response to “[Profile] A-mi”

  1. kythestar April 8, 2011 at 9:43 AM #

    he was a guest rapper on Dia’s Knock performance?
    i got to go find that.
    but hehe, glad he has a profile now.
    and loving his pictures.
    thanks Mardi!

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