Dia participates in Avon Voices Singing Talent Search

11 Apr

Dia was in Hong Kong for three days (April 8-10) for a shoot for Avon’s 125th Anniversary Avon Voices Singing Talent Search. She was there for the first round. Two hundred people were selected from around the world for the first round, 100 would advance to New York. Through some simple online-digging, I found her round 1 singing clip of “How Do I Live” via Avon Voices website. On April 22, Round 1 performance videos will be posted on AvonVoices.com and online public voting will begin. For now, she will be able to continue working on her new single.

I think this is a great opportunity to support Dia and underrateds so I hope everyone can help to participate in voting. Please help spread this news and help to vote for her~


One Response to “Dia participates in Avon Voices Singing Talent Search”


  1. Vote for Dia for Avon Voices global singing talent search « Luminosity – Promote, support and spread the love of underrateds - April 22, 2011

    […] You can vote up until May 20th. You must register/sign in in order to vote. It’s very simple and easy so please do help her ^^ A little bit more info about the contest here. […]

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