Navi to be in her first musical “Turandot”

5 May

The Daegu International Musical Festival is sponsoring “Turandot”, a creative musical opera in three acts. Navi will play the role of Princess Turandot. The story starts off that any prince seeking to marry Princess Turandot must answer three riddles – and if he fails, he will die.

Other actors and actresses involved with the musical are 박소현 (Park So Hyun), 이건명 (Lee Gun Myung), 임혜영 (Im Hye Young), 설화 (Sul Hwa), 김성기 (Kim Sung Ki), 손광업 (Son Kwang Eop) and many more. The musical is from June 19th – June 25th.

I’m looking forward to her acting and hope that fans will be able to share pictures/videos of the musical =)


One Response to “Navi to be in her first musical “Turandot””

  1. kythestar May 7, 2011 at 11:38 PM #

    oh wow really, that’s awesome. her first musical, and as a Princess too. this one seems really interesting. i too hope that videos will be out and about and subbed too. lol thanks for sharing. can’t wait for more updates.

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