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Navi’s comeback on M!Countdown & MV released

30 Jun

Navi makes an awesome comeback with her new track “Diary.” Not only is that exciting but her full MV has also been released.

I really like the ending of the song, where someone says “March 22nd 1986” because it’s the date of her birthday. Overall, it was worth it to wait for a new single from her. Hope that she will gain much more success with this new song.

You can view the full MV below.

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Navi’s Diary MV preview on 1vs100

28 Jun

Part of Navi’s new MV “Diary” was featured on the game show 1vs100. The clips from this preview are different from her MV teaser ^^

It’s making me even more excited for her comeback =)

Navi’s “Diary” MV teaser revealed~

27 Jun

The MV teaser to Navi’s comeback single “Diary” has been revealed. So far, the song feels like an indie-pop ballad sound. ^^ The MV is set to release on the 30th, and following that is her comeback stage on M!Countdown.

Some of the still pictures from her MV are in the previous post.

Navi’s past bikini photo & new music video teaser photos revealed~

27 Jun

From her fan cafe, a past bikini photo & singing picture of Navi when she was working in a jazz club was uploaded. Other than that, Navi’s new music video “Diary” photo teasers has been revealed! According to her management, the song “다이어리 (Diary)” is a stylish bit, accompanied with a sensual bass guitar. It’ll be compelling, emotional, and melodic song. Her first comeback stage is expected to be on the 30th on M Countdown.

View more pictures below~

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[110625-110626] Dia Cyworld Update

27 Jun

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Boni surprises fans with a VLOG

27 Jun

R&B singer, Boni gifted her fans with an a capella cover of Avril Lavigne’s song ‘Why’. Enjoy!

[110624] Navi’s Twitter pictures of musical “Turandot”

24 Jun

Navi shares some pictures from her first play “Turandot.” She wrote that she was tired of the princess life lol

Navi is expected to release her new single on July 1st! Following that should be her stage performances on the 30th-3rd.

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