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Han So Ah’s 1st mini album “Permeate” released

11 Jul

Han So Ah’s 1st mini album “스며들다 (Permeate)” was released on July 6th. It consists of four new tracks and one old track. Listening to the mini album, I just love the variety coming from her music. There is that soft indie ballad feel from the song “Confession” and the R&B-ish type of track “Maybe.” Combine that with her seductive vocal, she’s really an artist to be on the lookout for. Furthermore, with the help of JQ, she helped to arrange, compose and write the lyrics to the songs.

You can view her mini album pictures below, as well as listen to the tracks of her mini album here.

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[110711] Navi on Crisis Escape Number 1

11 Jul

Navi was on the most recent episode of the KBS show “Crisis Escape Number 1” where she sings verses from a couple of her songs. Not only that, she talks and laughs and has a great time. It’s good to see more of her personality coming out. ^^