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Former girl group member trot singer Geum Dan Bi “Superstar”

12 Jul

Trot singer and former Brand New Day member, Soo Ah (22) released a DVD video recording. On the 11th, management 쓰리나인종합미디어에 (Three Nine Total Media) said it will have 23 songs.

I didn’t really understand a lot of what the article said but I’m looking forward to what Soo Ah will bring.

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Sung Yoo Bin, B.O.B 4 Band competes in Top Band

12 Jul

Sung Yoon Bin is the vocalist of the band BOB4 Band, consisting of himself as the vocals, Hwang In Hee with drums, guitarist Choi Min Soo and bassist & maknae Kim Min Kyu. They are currently competing in the new KBS show Band Survival: Top Band. It seems like a pretty interesting show and you’ll be able to see aspiring rock/indie/underground bands.