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Noelskye releases “Fly Away” single

24 Jul

Noel (Noelskye) released her 6th single “Fly Away” featuring the rap talent Sol-U on July 22nd.

She is able to express her many musical colors with her releases. It’s always refreshing to hear her music as her vocals and the way she is able to express herself with the songs make listening to her music very mesmerizing.

[110722] Navi @ MTV the Show

24 Jul

Navi was on the most recent episode of MTV the Show performing her current hit track “Diary.”

Another well done performance ^^

A-mi & Kimdalm release “Beat Machine”

24 Jul

Listening to A-mi’s beatboxing was already good enough but when Kimdalm started rapping…ugh, it got to me. The song is fabulous. It’s going straight to my repeat list!