BRIGHT’s Nanaka and Yuya Matsushita to star in Dream High musical

22 Mar


BRIGHT’s lead singer, Nanaka and solo dance machine Yuya Matsushita are two of the stars casted in the Japanese stage adaptation of the Korean drama, Dream High.

According to tokyohive:

on Yuya’s official blog that he will appear in the musical “Dream High“, set to start on July 3rd to July 20th. It will be playing at the New National Theater in Tokyo. The musical is based off the popular Korean drama and a first to hit the theatrical stage.

“Dream High” is directed and choreographed by Masuda Tetsuharu. With script written by Kuzuki Akira and music by Kamimura Shuuhei. Yuya will play ‘Song Sam Dong’, a boy who lives in the countryside and is brought into the school by ‘Go Hye Mi’ being played by NANAKA (from BRIGHT). Also starring with Yuya is Mizuta Kouki as ‘Jin Gook’, Joey (Tee) as ‘Jason’, Kawakami Juria (from JURIAN BEAT CRISIS) as ‘Yoon Baek Hee’, and Anna Santos as ‘Kim Pil Sook’. The extended cast includes Tsuchiya Yuuichi (from *pnish*) as ‘Kang Oh Hyuk’, and NANA (from MAX) as the teacher, ‘Shi Kyung Jin’.

Ticket sales will begin May 27th and range from ¥5,500 – ¥6,500 ($65-$75USD)

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