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MV Teaser: Evening Glow’s On & On

2 Aug

Evening Glow is a new duo under KP Entertainment, consisting of vocalist and actress Chae Yoon Seo and bassist Kim Sung Chul. Their mini album “Another Way” has a total of five tracks, the title track being “On & On.” Their modern soft rock feel with an electronic sound brings out the simplicity and lightness of their music.

The meaning behind their name talks about the time of day when there are the most beautiful sunsets, where it is comfortable and alluring as well as being the perfect setting for appreciating life.

Listen to the rest of the mini album below! One of my favorites is the first track “꿈을 위해.”

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[Profile] HeavenKnows

2 Aug

HeavenKnows is a male solo singer who possesses a very soothing voice. His music is simple but in my opinion, when I listen to him, it just makes me feel good. He is under Holy Fella, managed by music producer/singer-songwriter Seha (who makes some pretty good music. Most artists behind his name has a pretty good sound to them like z.hee who I featured on Soompi last year.)

HeavenKnows just recently released his newest track “My Girl” featuring Seha.

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Chung Lim off to the army

2 Aug

Chung Lim, who has disappeared since his last single in early 2010 with a few shows he also participated in up until earlier this year, has quietly entered the army. I’m not entirely sure when but from one of his fan’s Cyworld, you can see below him and the rest of his group.

The Chinese drama “Queen of Coffee” that he acted in was suppose to broadcast this July. I am not too sure if it already has or not.

See you in two years Chung Lim!

credits; Cyworld

[120725] Navi @ EBS Space

1 Aug

Recently, Navi was on EBS Space with diva Ali. She sang different renditions of some of her songs like “Heart Damage” as well as “놀라워라” as well as covers of Mama Do (Pixie Lott) and Billie Jean (MJ).

Check out the rest of the amazing performances below.

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