[Profile] HeavenKnows

2 Aug

HeavenKnows is a male solo singer who possesses a very soothing voice. His music is simple but in my opinion, when I listen to him, it just makes me feel good. He is under Holy Fella, managed by music producer/singer-songwriter Seha (who makes some pretty good music. Most artists behind his name has a pretty good sound to them like z.hee who I featured on Soompi last year.)

HeavenKnows just recently released his newest track “My Girl” featuring Seha.

Please excuse the lack of photos as it seems there aren’t any of the artist around.

헤븐노우즈 (HeavenKnows)
홀리펠라 (HolyFella)

Full name: 도연명 (Do Yeon Myung)
Born: June 26, 1985 (Gyeonggido, Bucheon)
Education: Inha Technical College
Debut: 2011 Digital Single Album “Because I..”
Blog | Cyworld| Youtube


Because I… (Single)

01. Memory (piano. 이희선)
02. Because I..(title song)
03. Because I..(with. 구름)
04. Because I..(SEHA RMX ver.)
05. Christmas night

[Composition, Lyrics, Transcriptions, Piano, Mixing, Production, & Album Cover by HeavenKnows]

Graduation (Single)

01. Reminisce (Prod. Seha)
02. 졸업 (with. 4-49)

My Girl (Single)

01. My Girl (Ft. Seha)

[Composition, Lyrics, Arrangement, & Piano by HeavenKnows]


Sources + Credits: Mardi09 (translations + compilation), heavendym@Youtube, koreadaebak@Youtube, newkpopmelody06@Youtube, HeavenKnows’ Blog, Seha’s Blog, Naver & Nate (profile information)

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