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Magic Power ~ Zhuan Shu Mo Li (專屬魔力) ft. Amber Kuo (郭采潔) PV Released!

11 Feb

another great song from MP! i really love these guys 🙂

now the guys are with Amber Kuo 🙂 nice song! never fails me 😉

Magic Power featured in Ding Dang’s MV

19 Jan

i actually love this song 🙂 this is such a nice song. hope you like it ^_^

[MV] 丁噹 Ding Dang (Della Ding) ~ 他說你沒用 Ta Shui Ni Mei Yong (feat. Magic Power)

[C-Artist] Magic Power

16 Jan

ok… after thinking and digging them over the net, they are underrated.. so.. kya~~~~ im happy to post them here..

this group is composed of 6 members:
Vocalists – 嘎嘎 GaGa and 廷廷 TingTing G
Guitarist – 雷堡 LeiBao
Bass – 凱開 KaiKai
Drummer – 阿翔 AhXiang
DJ – 鼓鼓 GuGu

they have a DJ? how unique.. hehe hmm.. they are a band but they do rap and have that rnb feeling in their song. uh huh… just listen to them and you’ll know ^_^


Get Out

and their latest:
Wo Shi Shei Wo Shi Shei Wo Shi Shei (Who i am)

hope you’ll like them ^_^