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[PV] Aitai Kimochi by Hanah

25 Mar

Latest from Hanah… this is her 3rd single if im not mistaken… anyways love this song… This will be released of April 21, 2010

do you miss me too? lol enjoy!

[J-Artist] Hanah + [MP3 Download] Aisaretakute Aishitaidake

31 Jan

Birthplace:Kanagawa Japan
Blood type:AB
Influeneces:Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder Marvin Gaye
Record Label:Universal

Her father was jazz guitarist and her mother was jazz singer.
She start to sing at the age of 10.
She went to study in the USA.

At year 2008, she released her very first single called “My Girl”. And the year after another single was released. “Ashita Mata Waraeru Youni”.
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