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[MP3 Download ~ 「MAY’S x May J – Koi Wo Shiteta ~Say Goodbye~」

17 Jan

cr: AsiaHolics and Rinoa Selphie


[Jpop Review] MAY’s ~ Koi Wo Shiteta ~ Say Goodbye ~ Feat. May J

15 Jan

this PV came out about a week ago and again, MAY’s didnt fail me.. hakhak! plus May J? Awesome!

here’s their awesome collaboration:

Koi Wo Shiteta ~ Say Goodbye ~ Feat. May J

the PV is so cute T^T

[J-Artist] MAY’S

13 Nov

MAY’S is a japanese pop/R&B duo under the Chermside Office and Venus-B label (King Records). Because both were born in the month of May, they thought there was a meaning for that conection and decided to use that name.

bio_maikoKatagiri Maiko (Vocals)
Birthday: May 31
Blood type: A
Hometown: Kiryu, Gunma
Hobbies: Reading, shopping, games
Special Skills: Sleep talking, japanese dance, folk dance







bio_nbzKawai Junichi aka NAUGHTY BO-Z
Birthday: May 7
Blood type: O
Height: 173cm
Hometown: Iruma, Saitama
Hobbies: Driving, games, collecting Gundam
Special skill: Basketball, back parking, stop the hiccups at one time






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