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Who said Jpop Singers can’t sing?

16 Jan

nyahahaha idk… i want to post this stuffs.. coz you know… i got pissed about a month ago.. most people say all jpop songs sounds like bubble gum.. they got it all wrong!

ok let’s start… (im on fire today) lol
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[J-Artist] MiChi

29 Oct

owkie… so where am i? blahhh! im on my third post and ill be introducing…. MiChi! yes… here we go!


MiChi is a half English, half Japanese singer who sings in both English and Japanese.

MiChi was born in England in 1985 and moved to Kobe, Japan at 2 years of age before returning to England in 1995. Determined to be a singer she performed in an acoustic duo before returning to Japan (Tokyo) when she was 18. The following year she met Matsuzawa Tomokazu producer for acts Nakashima Mika, Kato Miliyah, SOULHEAD and CHEMISTRY. The pair worked together for three years developing her talent before MiChi entered Japan’s dance club scene.
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