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Who said Jpop Singers can’t sing?

16 Jan

nyahahaha idk… i want to post this stuffs.. coz you know… i got pissed about a month ago.. most people say all jpop songs sounds like bubble gum.. they got it all wrong!

ok let’s start… (im on fire today) lol
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[MP3 Download] NERDHEAD ft. Kana Nishino and Miho Fukuhara

14 Jan

mardi gomen ne…. but.. ill post the downloads here coz i find it hard to edit T^T hope its ok?

NERDHEAD ~ BRAVE HEART feat.西野カナ Kana Nishino


Miho Fukuhara ~ Let It Out
cr: aznl3gend for the vid

~smile! 🙂

[J-Artist] Miho Fukuhara

11 Nov


Fukuhara Miho (福原美穂) is a Japanese soul singer, who will release her major debut single CHANGE in April.

Her parents enjoyed music, so from a young age she was always surrounded by a wide array of styles of music (especially Western music). In December 2002, by chance she was featured on a Hokkaido-based TV karaoke competition and sung a cover of Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You, and was recognised by the show’s judges for her talent.

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