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[J-Artist] Skelt 8 Bambino

23 May

SKELT 8 BAMBINO, is a power pop band from Japan. I say this band is under J-Urban. The thing we call j-hip-hop, rnb, j-rap and so on lol.
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[MP3 Download] SKELT 8 BAMBINO ~ What’s Love ft. Soulja Single

18 Feb

01. What’s Love ft. Soulja
DL: mediafire

02 こんなにも (Konnanimo…)
DL: rapidshare

SKELT 8 BAMBINO ~ What’s Love? Feat. Soulja PV Released!

31 Jan

i really really love this song… this is the latest from SKELT 8 BAMBINO which will be released on 17 February, 2010. its nice that theyre having SOULJA on there newest single. I’ll post something about SKELT 8 BAMBINO next time….

click here for the PV: