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New MV: 10CM & Paul Potts Release “애상 + I’m Missing You”

4 Jan

Indie singer 10CM and Paul Potts present a dual music video – two songs in one – as part of a special collaboration for Yoon Il Sang 21st Anniversary. The first song is more of a mellow, good feel song while half-way it switches to Paul Potts singing one of K-POP’s infamous songs, “I’M MISSING YOU.”

Indie duo 10cm releases first album “1.0”

10 Feb

Lately 10cm has been getting some hype for their awesome music (which is a pretty good thing ^^) and now they have released their first full length album “1.0.”

As the words on their album jacket cover, “take off your covers and be naked with sound.” lol Give the album a good listen. You might like it ^^ I love it so far. I have to give it a more thorough listen but so far so good.

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10cm releases “Americano” single~

3 Aug

This song is so awesome~ It’s upbeat and catchy XD Though they’ve been performing it, the official mp3 is out~ Please enjoy~ ^^


10cm @ Mnet A-Live

4 May

This is my favorite song from them~ It is off an album titled “Life”, released today but since I have only 3200 won left off my Mnet account, I only bought their song (sorry many awesome great songs & artists off that album)

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[Profile] 10cm

25 Apr

I promise you guys that you’ll love them ^^ unless…indie isn’t your kind of music but i do like them from what i’ve been hearing so far…i think they have been active since 2005 but just released their first EP

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[100425] 10 cm live

25 Apr

20100425 홍대 걷고싶은거리 나무무대
Another Place 5th, “Busking Star”

I really like them~~ ^^ I’ll post up their profile in a bit =)

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