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1sagain & Donnie J release “Depressed”

10 Jul

1sagain and Donnie J release their new song “Depressed” [우울해].  With a driving rhythm from the piano and soothing vocals, the song describes of a person who questions the meaning of his or her life, which is devoid of success and changes for the better.  Despite the bleak picture the lyrics paint, the song sounds quite upbeat.

Check out the MV below and make sure to watch out for the bit of dance choreography incorporated. =)

1sagain & Fatdoo releases “Hospital For the Brokenhearted”

30 Mar

1sagain and Fatdoo releases their new song “Hospital For the Brokenhearted (Hello Doctor).” It’s an upbeat and emotional track caressed with their rap and M.A.C’s Kim Hyun Joong vocals.

I really love the storyline/concept of the MV and the song’s great!

1sagain releases new single “Don’t Go” with Ju Bora

22 Mar

Singer-songwriter 1sagain releases a new digital single “Don’t Go” featuring the vocalist Ju Bora. The song is an emotional-electronic track, a bit different from his previous releases (and I LOVE IT XDD) Hope that everyone enjoys the new track. 1sagain is also expected to release a new single on April 1st with Fatdoo.

1sagain releases “Memories”

23 Feb

1sagain’s newest single “Memories” features the beautiful vocals of Ikha and his swift smooth rap that we have grown to love =)

[110206] 1sagain Twitter Update

8 Feb

1sagain tweets about why he continues to do music.
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New MV: 1sagain’s After Love featuring Kim Dong Hee

18 Nov

1sagain is back with another amazing hit!~ Featuring the lovely vocals of Kim Dong Hee, the song is perfect. With the soft rap and the smooth vocals, the song is very touching~ Hope you guys enjoy it ^o^

[101102] Happy 28th Birthday to 1sagain~

1 Nov

It’s not every day that I can remember all underrateds’ birthday. I’m thinking I should make a list though so I won’t feel so bad. But it’s very time consuming (I’ll try). I’ll have to think about it though. But anywho, 1sagain’s 28th birthday is today! ^-^ I don’t have anything special for him but I really do love his music and his rap. He’s a very talented guy and I wish him much success!

Below is his message he wrote on his Cyworld

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