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[100320] JQ, Dia and Jung In @ Music Bank

28 Mar

About one-two weeks ago when JQ was featured in Dia’s song Knock, they took some pictures together ^_^


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JQ performs 11월 12일

12 Dec

11월 12일 is JQ’s solo song, the one he released right after releasing “Hero” with So Ah from 2lepik Soul. I think it was pretty cool hehe but when  I see him it kind of reminds me of Ilac for some reason…

2lepik Soul performs Hero

12 Dec

So they performed Hero live in October at Yongin University in Korea. Thankfully some awesome fan recorded it ^___^

Hope to see them around more~

2lepik Soul’s So Ah covers Mariah Carey’s Hero

12 Dec

Kind of weird because their title song was Hero also lol but she did a fairly nice cover ^^

[Profile] 2lepik Soul

20 Oct

2lepik Soul is a duo consisting of JQ and Han So Ah. Their company is Chocolate Productions and you don’t know how exciting that is for me. Why?? Chocolate (Productions) has great artists like Seo Ji Young, Na Yoon Kwon and one of my loves, Kim Woo Joo. ^^ JQ just released a single also so it’s pretty cool 😀 But for some reason, I know I’ve heard of JQ before but I’ve seen him elsewhere too…hm…


View their profile under the cut!

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