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3Chongsa on Inkigayo

28 Feb

Let’s Go eat eat πŸ˜„

3Chongsa performs “Eat Eat” on Music Core

27 Feb

3Chongsa performs their new trot song “Eat Eat” on Music Core today. πŸ˜„

[Profile] 3Chongsa

26 Feb

3Chongsa has returned! ^_^ with another trot song. Wish them well.

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3Chongsa returns with new trot song!

26 Feb

the trot trio 3Chongsa (or SamChongsa/ Three Musketeers) has returned! The adorable three garnered a lot of fans because, well, they’re cute. They may be eye candy to a lot of people but I loved them ever since I heard their ballad song.
OMG! Kang Woo’s hair is *lol* so long.

i’ll post up their profile today if I have the time.