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3Chongsa on Inkigayo

28 Feb

Let’s Go eat eat XD

3Chongsa performs “Eat Eat” on Music Core

27 Feb

3Chongsa performs their new trot song “Eat Eat” on Music Core today. XD

[Profile] 3Chongsa

26 Feb

3Chongsa has returned! ^_^ with another trot song. Wish them well.

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3Chongsa returns with new trot song!

26 Feb

the trot trio 3Chongsa (or SamChongsa/ Three Musketeers) has returned! The adorable three garnered a lot of fans because, well, they’re cute. They may be eye candy to a lot of people but I loved them ever since I heard their ballad song.
OMG! Kang Woo’s hair is *lol* so long.

i’ll post up their profile today if I have the time.