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Shin Yong Jae, Mi & Ben sings “Dry Your Eyes”

10 Sep

4men’s Shin Yong Jae, Mi and Ben of upcoming female trio Bebe Mignon releases a UCC video of them covering 3rd Storee’s Dry Your Eyes.

Len covers 4Men’s Baby Baby & 못해

30 Apr

pretty nice =) He’s so talented and who doesn’t love 4Men XD

Navi @ 4Men’s 1st Concert (March 13th, 2010)

13 Mar

two fancams~ XD

4Men to tour with Boys II Men

11 Mar

Wow, that’s so cool~ Harmonies of heaven~ XD

They’re having an auction in Korea for tickets. Whoever gets to go must be lucky. Both groups can sing so well ^_^

Navi to have guest appearance at 4Men’s concert

7 Mar

Navi, who has featured with 4Men in their 3rd album with the song “Baby You”, will guest feature at their very 1st concert on Saturday, March 13th and Sunday, March 14th at S.H. Club. Though there is no further word yet on her mini album release, it’s pretty exciting to see her be a guest at 4Mens’ concert and hey, maybe one day she’ll have her own concert~ XD I think they might even sing Baby You live!~

4Men & Dia

23 Jan

@ 서경석의 뮤직쇼 (Seo Kyung Seok Music Show), Saturday Concert

…oh, I wanna see??!! I’m gonna try and find the clips if there are any…not to miss…

4Men 3rd Generation Pictures

19 Jan

I haven’t updated on 4men since i posted up their profile. I will try to continually update on them ^_^ They all look so adorable XD

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