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9th Street reveals scenes from their upcoming music video

16 May

9th Street is busily working on their new upcoming music video. Information about the new single/album and song is still unknown but I’ll be sure to update on it.

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[110126] 9th Street in Japan

26 Jan

9th Street was/is in Japan for the Kpop Liveholic 2011 concert. =)

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9th Street official pictures

7 Nov

Trying to find updates for today, I went to 9th Street’s Keun Hwa’s Cyworld and what did I find? Official-never-been-seen pictures =) Well, the official part I’m just tagging it that, but of course, I have never seen these great pics of the two. The pictures were uploaded around March of 2009. Old, but never hurts to look at.

9th Street recently came back as a duo with a remake of the Full House OST song “처음 그 자리에 (In the First Place).”

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[Profile] 9th Street

4 Nov

9th Street originally debuted as a mixed group consisting of four males and two females. However, this year they return with only two members, the main vocalists, J.Ho and Keun Hwa.

I really hope to hear more from them~

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9th Street returns as a duo with remake of Full House song~

28 Oct

9th Street, who originally debuted as a mixed group (four males, two females) two years ago, is back this year as a duo with members Keun Hwa and Jae Ho. Their debut music video “Wanna Go” featured the late Park Yong Ha (R.I.P.). They sing the song “처음 그 자리에”, a remake of Lee Bo Ram’s song from Full House OST. The song is off the TWENTYth Urban single. Stars like T-ara, See Ya and FT Island has also released their own tracks under the same single. Keun Hwa and Jae Ho adds a nice fresh warm feeling to the remake ^^ Hope you guys enjoy!