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A-mi & Kimdalm release “Beat Machine”

24 Jul

Listening to A-mi’s beatboxing was already good enough but when Kimdalm started rapping…ugh, it got to me. The song is fabulous. It’s going straight to my repeat list!

A-mi releases new single “Wake Up”

19 Apr

A-mi unleashes his fourth single “Wake Up.”

I’m not a fan of Wake Up but I love the intro and “Only You.”

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[Profile] A-mi

5 Apr

I first found out about beatboxer & rapper with a cute face A-mi from Dia. He did a guest rap for her during one of her Knock performances and I’ve been somewhat following him since. He’s a talented young man and I hope to see more things from him in the near future.

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A-mi, Dia, Green Be, etc. for “Propose” single

4 Apr

Last week, Brian released his song “Shine (On Your Heart)” and today, the full single with the rest of the participating artists has been released. Dia, Kim Bo Sun, A-mi and Jang Jin Young, Canaria Salon and Green Be releases their tracks for their “Propose” single. The songs are quite good. I really love A-mi’s track with Jang Jin Young and especially Kim Bo Sun’s Knock. Dia doesn’t fail to impress and initially, I thought Green Be was the other rock band Grinbi. However, the track is still a pretty good rock-ish song.

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A-mi dances to Beyonce’s Single Ladies & Crazy In Love

14 Mar

A-mi had held a ‘crazy’ party at Hongdae on the 25th of February. In this video clip you can see him dancing to Beyonce’s Single Ladies and Crazy In Love in shorts and what looks like fish net stockings. As a fan of A-mi, I found it quite amusing. It’s the first time I’ve seen this side of him and it’s quite entertaining.

[110216] Dia Cyworld Update

15 Feb

Dia will be in A-mi’s upcoming concert on the the 25th. Other guests that will be there are Old Time, Sool J, 2Face and DJ Kone.

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[110209] A-mi & J.Cop beatbox practice video

9 Feb

A-mi shares on his Cyworld a short clip of him and J.Cop practicing for a concert. He also notes that his beatboxes are always improvised.