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AB Avenue @ Concert Feel (February 17th, 2010)

3 Mar

I miss AB Avenue~ But I’m glad they are doing very well. ^^
and omg, Ok Ee sounds so cute lol

다시, 겨울 + Talk + If I Ain’t Got You

Interview + 사연소개 + 사랑 둘이서

AB Avenue’s Han Bora surprise wedding photo?

3 Mar

Because of a surprise wedding photo released through Hwabo, many wondered if she was married however, they said if she was married, she’d be married to her music XD. It was just the theme for her photoshoot I guess. On March 14th they will release an album. (if if translated correctly).

AB Avenue to revive traditional ballads

1 Feb

Yet again, I have no clue what the article is saying but I know that they are well on their way to saving ballads~ Go AB Avenue~

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AB Avenue to be on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook

27 Jan

One month after their debut, duo AB Avenue will finally be on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook. Their episode will be broadcasted on February 5th. XD I’ll be looking forward to their performance there.

AB Avenue is a project group

25 Jan

T_T…I have no clue to what the article is saying but from what I’m assuming, the song is still doing well on charts and they mention something about traditional ballads, etc but then from it, I read that AB Avenue is a project group, meaning, new members may be added in the future or….they could go solo…

I hope that they can stay as a duo because I really like them and they can make it far. ^^

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Voice with characteristic wins!

21 Jan

**I didn’t translate word for word or line by line because I can’t translate well but I basically paraphrased the article into my own and though I’m missing a lot of information…you get the gist…
If you don’t, it basically is talking about that in the swarm of female and male groups (idol artists) right now, they’re standing strong ^_^**

AB Avenue is brave??

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AB Avenue releases Love For Two Orchestra Version

21 Jan

There really isn’t a huge difference, but still a difference…the song’s a bit slower and there’s the beautiful melody in the beginning, not that it wasn’t originally nice to listen to. I’ve been missing their Music Core performances but I watch them  every time on Music Bank ^_^

Love For Two (Digital Single)
Released: 2010.01.19
01. Love For Two (Orchestra Version)