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[110217] Dia covers Bebe Mignon’s One Woman

16 Feb

Dia covers Bebe Mignon’s One Woman from Secret Garden OST.

Noblesse Feat. Ben Of BeBe Mignon Release “밥은 제때 챙겨 먹는지”

14 Feb

Singer Noblesse is back in full force as he releases his first comeback track since early last year. He teams up with Ben of BeBe Mignon for a heartfelt rap ballad and shows us a different, music side to him.
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[101203] BeBe Mignon performs on Music Bank

3 Dec

I missed their debut performance and other performances in the past weeks but not for tonight ^-^ The trio sounds amazing live~ There are a lot of female ballad groups that are really great but BeBe Mignon is one of the ones that you really have to look out for~ *I kind of wanted Ga Eul’s to have a little “solo” lines though =(*

Remember to join their international forum and support the girls.

[101105] BeBe Mignon covers Vibe’s “Watching The Pictures”

6 Nov

New trio under the same management as 4Men, Bebe Mignon, covered Vibe’s Watching The Pictures. They did a beautiful cover and introduced their Twitter accounts =)

[Profile] BeBe Mignon

31 Oct

I forgot I never posted up their profile. Lovely trio. Hope to hear them live soon because all their songs so far are really good, though I’m still kind of lost because I only hear Ben’s voice as the main vocal…

Please support this talented trio ~ ^-^

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New singles: BeBe Mignon & EVAS

31 Oct

Today we have two new female trios~ Created by Vibe’s Yoon Min Soo, BeBe Mignon releases their first EP “잘해준 것 밖에 없는데” while EVAS releases their debut single “혼자살래.”


Bebe Mignon releases full MV for “I’ve Only Done Good Things For You”

27 Oct

The song is pretty okay, I really love Ben’s voice. The music video too was acted well ^^ Hope to see more from these talented three~