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Bella Releases “Get Down” [MV]

5 Sep

In contrast to their strong debut of En Vogue’s “Don’t Let Go”, Bella shakes it up for a club hit with “Get Down.” Popular opinion amongst fans is how their label doesn’t choose a better song that enhance their voices however in my opinion, the song shows how versatile they can be!

[110410] Bella on Inkigayo~

10 Apr

Yes, I know. I’m late XD But I was offline and wasn’t aware the girls would perform. Anyway, it was a lovely performance~ I’m glad they are still promoting the song.

*Video is blocked in 4 countires. T_T Maybe it will be blocked soon but idk.

[110326] Bella on Music Core

25 Mar

Bella debuts on Music Core with their remake version of En Vogue’s “Don’t Let Go.” Superb performance =)

[110325] Bella, Lee Sun Jung Band & Navi @ Music Bank

25 Mar

Bella’s second performance is with their return on Music Bank with “Don’t Let Go” while Navi graces the stage with “Well Done” her new cute bangs in which she showed us earlier today via her Twitter. Lee Sun Jung Band also performs their rock track “Break The Wall.”

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[110321] Bella Max Movie Interview Pictures

21 Mar

Bella was interviewed for Max Movie but unfortunately, I have no clue how to translate. However, one thing I did get off the articles was that leader Lucy lost 30kg for their debut.

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[110318] Bella debuts on Music Bank!

18 Mar

Rookie trio Bella debuts with “Don’t Let Go” on Music Bank~ As expected, they didn’t fail to impress me with their debut stage. They had great harmonization and each member was able to perform well. I ca’n’t wait to see future performances.

[Profile] Bella

16 Mar

New trio Bella debuts with a remake of En Vogue’s “Don’t Let Go.” They will start their promotions for it on Music Bank this Friday. Although I hoped their would be more tracks from their first single, they sound good so far so do keep an eye out for them~

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