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[101127] Blacklist’s Lucy Cyworld Update~

27 Nov

Ah, it’s been a long while since I’ve heard of any news from Blacklist and/or its members. Lucy, vocalist of the duo, uploads some selcas~ ^^

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Hip hop duo Blacklist looking for new member?

18 Oct

Via Blacklist’s rapper Cheetah’s Twitter, she announced they are looking for a new member. She wrote:

“Female group ‘Blacklist’ to find a new member. Conditions: 17-21 years of age, 158-165 (cm). Women in this category who are interestd, please leave a message via my minihompy guestbook or message ^^”

Blacklist released their first single “Nothing Lasts Forever” with their title track being “Stop” back in July and have made public appearances on Music Bank, Inkigayo, Live Power Music and M Rookies.

Seems they really are looking for a new member. I think they are fine the way they are but since they are a new group anyway, adding a member won’t hurt, right? Either way, I hope they do continue to release new music in the near future. ^-^ Wish them all the best~

[101014] Lucy Cyworld Update~

14 Oct

Blacklist’s Lucy updates her cyworld =)

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[101009] Lucy Cyworld Update~

9 Oct

Other than a picture update, Lucy of Blacklist also writes in her diary:
“John Park
my ideal type
just a little
please wait”

haha how cute XD

[101001] Lucy Cyworld Update~

2 Oct

Lucy updates her cyworld with a selca.

I wonder what they are up to. I want to see more performances of Stop

[100927] Lucy Cyworld Update~

27 Sep

Lucy and Cheetah’s expressions are so cute =)

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[100925] Lucy Cyworld Update~

25 Sep

I love Cheetah’s expressions lol

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