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Brand New Day member Soo Ah to transform to trot singer “Geum Dan Bi”

23 Jun

Soo Ah (real name Lee Soo Jin) will return as “Geum Dan Bi.” Instead of the pop ballads we’re use to seeing her sing with Brand New Day, she will instead return with a trot album. The title track will be “풍덩” and another song “Love Virus” will also be included in her transformation.

Brand New Day debuted in 2009 and had a somewhat successful start but after their 3rd single in July 2009, they disappeared and I assume they are now disbanded.

Her voice is strong and nice, so I’m really looking forward to her new style of music.

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[110216] Brand New Day’s Chae Rin Cyworld Update

15 Feb

Brand New Day’s Chae Rin (real name Soo Jin) updates her Cyworld with selcas she took with a friend. It looks like she also cut some bangs =) Really cute~


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Brand New Day’s Soo Ah for “Love Queen”

21 Jan

Brand New Day’s Soo Ah was featured in Toastie’s single Love Queen. For the upbeat song “Love Queen”, Sunny Side Chang comes in with his smooth rap while Soo Ah are the vocals with her strong voice. Hope Brand New Day makes a comeback soon ^^ Really miss hearing them together.

[101223] Brand New Day Chae Rin Cyworld Update~

22 Dec

Brand New Day’s Chae Rin shares new selcas from her Cyworld~~ It’s been a while since they last updated anything

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[101030] Soo Ah “” updates~

30 Oct

Brand New Day’s Soo Ah models for an online clothing store, These pictures are the new ones posted on the site ^-^

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Soo Ah “Long Y Cardigan”

24 Oct

Brand New Day’s Soo Ah models for an online Korean shopping store, It’s only beginning so there aren’t a lot of clothing but there was a new item so I decided to post up her new picture ^-^

View the full images below =)
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Soo Ah of Brand New Day models for online clothing store~

10 Oct

Brand New Day’s Soo Ah (real name Lee Soo Jin) models for a new clothing site, sujina. She looks gorgeous, but at the same time, she has grown much thinner from the last time I have seen her~

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