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[100705] Yoari @ Sketchbook

4 Jul

Yoari with Ga In and Je A of Brown Eyed Girls covering Lady Gaga’s Telephone. XD And I’m loving Yoari’s new haircut =)

Under the cut: “Excuse Me” and talk

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Brown Eyed Girls in Pajamas for M Plus

4 Nov

Lookie at BEG in pajamas~ This is for M Plus and I hope more surfaces because they look so adorable~ ^___________^


*Miryo is so *LOL* *


more under the cut~

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Brown Eyed Girls Nivea CF is Released~

31 Oct

Brown Eyed Girls CF is now released. On the 26th a making of was released and since then I’ve been wanting to see it and now that it’s out I totally love it ^^

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Brown Eyed Girls Sign Full Song Released!

28 Oct

and I’m in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on let’s sing “dot dot dot” and “da da da”…

except for that scary part from the MV lol


Brown Eyed Girls Sign MV Teaser is OUT!

25 Oct

can I say freakay?!!

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